What to expect from your first shipment of medication

Prescription Hope expects new customers’ first shipment of medication to arrive about 4-6 weeks after completing the online enrollment form.

After completing the online enrollment form, we typically pre-qualify you within 2 business days.

Prescription Hope pre-qualifies people from a (37-point checklist) based on our knowledge of the 180 different patient assistance programs we work with to fill your medication.

If you pass pre-qualification, we will request information from you and your healthcare provider before enrolling you into the correct patient assistance program. 

Please Note: We will not charge for any medications you did not pre-qualify to receive.

Once we’ve received the documents that we have requested from both you and your healthcare provider, we can place the order for your medications.

The faster we get the documents we have requested back to us, the quicker you will receive your first medication orderThe 4-6 week enrollment period estimates the average amount of time it takes for a patient and healthcare provider to return the required documentation.

When we’ve ordered your prescription, we will email you with an estimated delivery date

Until you receive your first shipment of medication from Prescription Hope, please continue to fill your prescriptions as you usually would.

If you take multiple medications, they will arrive in separate packages at different times. Your medication will come in separate packages because your medications may be manufactured by different companies, which deliver your medication.

Suppose you’ve recently picked up a prescription. In that case, you are in the best position not to have a lapse in medication therapy while Prescription Hope enrolls you into patient assistance programs.

If you need medication while we’re enrolling you into patient assistance programs, please continue to fill your prescriptions at your current pharmacy. If you cannot fill your prescriptions at your current pharmacy, ask your healthcare provider if they can provide you with samples.

We’ll send updates about your first order through email. If you have any questions while you’re getting enrolled, you can always contact us. We’re happy to help.

Please Note: Refills should arrive before your previous shipment runs out so that you never experience a lapse in medication therapy after you are enrolled. If you notice you are running low on medication and haven’t received your next shipment, follow these steps.

If you are running low on medication, you can ask your healthcare provider if they have sample medications available. You can also ask your healthcare provider for a new prescription to give you a temporary weekly supply of medication until your first shipment arrives.  

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