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Prescription Hope is a service-based company that provides individuals access to over 1,500 brand-name medications through patient assistance programs for the set price of $50 a month for each medication. Prescription Hope has been providing medication coverage to thousands of individuals every single month since it’s founding in 2006.

The income guidelines to qualify to receive your medication are as follows:

  • An Individual earning $50,000 per year or less.
  • Households with a combined income of $70,000 per year or less.
  • Guidelines increase with each additional dependent (3 or more individuals) in households earning a combined income of $200,000 per year or less.

Filling out an enrollment form is the first step to receiving your medication. To finish an enrollment form, you will need:

  • Your personal contact information
  • Your medication information for any medications you take that cost you more than $50 per month
  • The contact information for your healthcare provider so that we can reach out to them and get the required paperwork
  • Your payment information (credit or debit card) Note: If we cannot access your medication, we will not charge you

    Once you submit your enrollment form, we will determine whether or not you qualify within 48 hours. If you qualify, we will process your first payment, and we will then request income verification from you, as well as request prescription information from your healthcare provider. Once we receive the required information from you and your healthcare provider, we will place the order for your medication.

Patient assistance programs are offered through United States based pharmaceutical manufacturers. These programs are in place for individuals who meet certain income and insurance guidelines, to receive their medications for free or at a low cost. Patient assistance programs have been around for a long time; however most individuals do not know these programs exist, or have trouble with the approval and ongoing application process. This is where Prescription Hope works for you. Click here to learn more about Patient Assistance Programs.

Prescription Hope offers access to medication for the set service fee of $50 a month for each medication. There are no additional charges or hidden fees for the medication.

No, there are no enrollment fees. $50 a month for each medication you are approved for is the total cost of Prescription Hope.

Our team begins working immediately after receiving your enrollment form to determine if you qualify for assistance with the medications you have applied for. We are a service based company that works on your behalf to ensure you qualify for the correct patient assistance program to receive your ongoing medications.

Within 48 hours of receiving your enrollment form, your first payment will be processed for the medications you qualify for.

We hope you never find the need to cancel other than being taken off your medication by your healthcare provider.

However, if you need to cancel, you can do so by calling and speaking to a live representative, or you can complete a contact form from the website at www.PrescriptionHope.com/contact.

Yes, you can still enroll if you have health insurance. You can also enroll if you don’t have insurance.

Medication refills are included in the Prescription Hope service. We have a team dedicated to taking care of refilling your medication on time every time.

There is no limit. You can apply for all the medications you take that cost you more than $50 a month each.


Note: Keep in mind, for minors, please include all their personal, medication, and healthcare provider information, but include the parent or legal guardians income information as well as place the parent or legal guardian as the alternate contact.

Yes, Prescription Hope is a value-added prescription medication access program. We supplement your coverage and provide access to prescription medications at the set price of $50 per month per medication. This covers 100% of the medication cost, no matter the retail price.

Every manufacturer’s patient assistance program has slightly different guidelines surrounding when, how, and if they can help Medicare recipients depending on the type of Medicare plan the patient has. Keep in mind that we will never charge you if we cannot help you with your medication, so filling out an application won’t hurt.

Medications are shipped directly to your home or healthcare providers office from the pharmaceutical manufacturer within 4-6 weeks. Where the medication is delivered, as well as the method of delivery, is determined by each individual pharmaceutical manufacturer. Medications that need to be temperature controlled will be shipped on dry ice to ensure the safety of the medication. Note: The 4-6 week wait only happens with the initial fill. Your medications will be refilled before the initial fill runs out.

If you do not see your medication on our list, we encourage you to apply as our list of available medications is constantly being updated. In addition, we will never charge you for a medication we cannot access.

Prescription Hope does not offer generic medication. However, if you are taking a generic that costs you more than $50 a month, we encourage you to place it on the enrollment form, as we will check to see if we can access the brand-name equivalent.

The first shipment of medication typically arrives within a few weeks of us receiving the requested information back from you and your healthcare provider. Once we receive this information, we can order your medication for you for a full year.

Prescription Hope offers access to over 1,500 brand-name medications directly from U.S. based pharmaceutical manufacturers. Click here to view our medication list.

Yes! We only want to help you save money, so we ask that you only put the medications that you are paying more than $50 a month for on your enrollment form. You can continue getting any other medications that cost you less than $50 a month through the current method you are using.

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