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Prescription Hope utilizes U.S based pharmaceutical manufacturer patient assistance programs to access your medication.

How it Works (3:28)


What You Need To Enroll

The pharmaceutical manufacturers who ship your medication require this information.

  • Your list of medications that cost you more than $50 a month for each medication
  • Your healthcare provider information
  • Your income information
  • Your payment method (credit or debit card)

Note: If we cannot access your medication, we will not charge you

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The Pre-Qualification Process

prescription hope how it works

We pre-approve you once we determine we can assist you based on the information you submit on your application, your first monthly charge will occur.

how prescription hope works

We request income information from you and required information from your healthcare provider once a year. This information is required by the pharmaceutical manufacturer to complete your medication order.

how it works prescription hope

We enrollyou in the correct patient assistance programs for the year and place your medication orders. Some medications may come in a 90 day supply; however, our monthly service fee stays the same.

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You Will Always Have The Medication You Need

We handleall details concerning your medication order

Ongoing refillsautomatically before you need them

For a full yearwe will order your medication without having to request any information from you

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You should know:

You Won’t Receive Your Medications Immediately

Make sure you still have a few weeks’ supply of medication during the beginning of the process. Rest assured, once your first shipment of medication arrives, we make sure you never have a lapse in medication therapy going forward.

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Prescription Hope Does Not Ship Your Medication

We order your medications directly from the U.S. based pharmaceutical manufacturer patient assistance programs who makes your medication, so you never have to worry about going into a pharmacy again.

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There Is No Extra Cost For Your Medication

The total cost of Prescription Hope is the $50 a month service fee for each medication. Prescription Hope enrolls individuals into patient assistance programs to receive their medication for free. There are no extra costs or fees associated with the medication or our services.

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Eligibility Requirements Are Different For Each Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

The difference in each patient assistance program can make it difficult and confusing to apply, especially if you take more than one medication. That is why Prescription Hope is here.

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Get Your Prescription Medication For Only $50
A Month For Each Medication

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If You Have Clients Who Pay More Than $50 A Month For Their Medication

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