Prescription Hope – Helping You Help Your Patients


Your Value


  • Serving as an extension of your office, our value-add program helps your modest income patients obtain medications they could not otherwise afford
  • No cost to you, the healthcare provider

Your Support


  • Our advocates order, manage, and refill your patients’ prescription medications on a recurring basis
  • We handle all the patient assistance paperwork on behalf of your patients

Your Benefits


  • We reduce your need for an in-house advocacy staff, saving time and money facilitating assistance programs
  • Your patients comply with your treatment because they can now afford medication

How We Help

Prescription Hope is a national medication access program that works as an extension of your office to help your patients get their FDA-approved prescription medications direct from the big name pharmaceutical companies for the set price of $50 per month for each medication.

Prescription Hope currently works with over 18,000 health care systems, care providers, social workers, and insurance companies across the United States, including state and local government agencies, Cleveland Clinic, Henry Ford Health Systems, Humana, and Novant Health Systems.

How We Support You

Prescription Hope is not a prescription discount card nor an insurance plan. Instead, once a patient is referred to Prescription Hope, our advocates work to obtain their prescription medications from U.S.-based pharmaceutical patient assistance programs.

For over a decade, thousands of patients have been referred to Prescription Hope to obtain their medications at a price they can afford. When Prescription Hope works for you as an extension of your office, our advocates:

Order, manage, track and refill your patients’ medications on time.
Maintain up-to-date records for your patients.
Renew your patient’s medications every year.
Provide an ongoing supply of their medication coverage.

Prescription Hope allows your office to provide better care with the knowledge that your patients can access their prescribed medications.

Increase quality of care for each of your patients.

Advocates work to get patients their prescribed FDA-approved medications.

Help the people in your care live healthier lives.


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