When to enroll

(Last Updated On: March 23, 2023)

Once all requested paperwork is received from you and your healthcare provider, your first order of medication is typically delivered within 2 to 4 weeks, we then continue to manage ongoing refills month after month.

If you just picked up your medications

It would be best if you enroll when you have 2-4 weeks of medication on hand.

If you’re running low on any medications

You can still enroll today. You should then fill one last time at your current pharmacy to receive an interim supply of about 2-4 weeks’ worth of medication.

If your prescription is only for one month

Prescription Hope’s service works best for individuals looking for relief from high-priced medications they will take for long periods. It would be best for you to seek medication savings through another method if your prescription is only for one month.

If your medications change often

Prescription Hope’s intention through its service is for patients who take long-term medications. If you do not plan to take a medication long-term, it would be best not to add that medication to your account.

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