What is the service fee?

Prescription Hope is a service-based company that offers access to FREE brand-name medication through patient assistance programs.

Prescription Hope charges a service fee of $50 a month for each medication accessed to manage your medication orders and refills.

There are no other costs, fees, deductibles, or copays associated with the Prescription Hope’s service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the service fee monthly?

Yes, Prescription Hope starts charging the monthly service fee of $50 for each medication when you submit your enrollment form.

When will my first service fee get charged?

The first service fee of $50 for each medication will get charged as soon as you submit payment and approve Prescription Hope to order your medication(s). From here, you and your healthcare provider will have 60 days to return the requested information. After your first medication order gets placed, you will get charged $50 a month for each medication.

Do I pay $50 before or after determining that I can get my medication through patient assistance programs?

Prescription Hope only charges the service fee of $50 a month for each medication once you are pre-qualified by Prescription Hope. The pharmaceutical manufacturer that provides your medication can still deny you. If you get denied, we will refund your money. 

Calling your healthcare provider

We may ask you to call your healthcare if they have not responded to our request to return documentation. If your healthcare provider does not respond to our request within 60 days of your enrollment form getting submitted, we will cancel your account and refund your service fees.

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