What does it take to qualify?

(Last Updated On: February 7, 2023)

Pharmaceutical manufacturers require a prescription and qualify individuals based on household income guidelines.

When enrolling in patient assistance programs, each medication has a separate program with different requirements. If you pay more than $60.00 a month for a single medication and seek financial relief, you should submit an online enrollment form.

If you do not qualify, your payment method will not get charged.

With that in mind, here are some general guidelines Prescription Hope uses to operate.

Income guidelines

Generally, individuals who meet the following requirements will qualify to receive their medication through patient assistance programs.

  • An individual earning $50,000 a year or less may qualify
  • Households with a combined income of $70,000 a year or less may qualify
  • Guidelines increase with each additional dependent (3 or more individuals) in households earning a combined income of $200,000 per year, or less may qualify

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a prescription required for all medication orders?

Yes. Prescription Hope only provides access to brand-name prescription medications that get prescribed by a healthcare provider.

Why can’t Prescription Hope tell me if I qualify for the program or when my medication will get shipped?

Prescription Hope expedites the enrollment process and paperwork management for individuals enrolling into patient assistance programs for individuals seeking financial relief from their medication prices. We do our best to update you throughout your enrollment with Prescription Hope. Still, the final decision is up to the pharmaceutical manufacturer providing your medication.

What documents do you need from me?

For Prescription Hope to enroll you into patient assistance programs, we need the information collected on our enrollment form. After you have completed the enrollment form, we can pre-qualify you if all your information is accurate. Suppose we can pre-qualify you for a patient assistance program. In that case, we will need to request specific documents from you as required by the pharmaceutical manufacturer who supplies your medication.

What documents do you need from my healthcare provider?

For Prescription Hope to enroll you into patient assistance programs, we need your original prescription from your healthcare provider. We also need to collect signatures on the pharmaceutical manufacturer forms. 

Can we use this program also outside of the USA?

If you live outside of the United States of America, our services are not available to you. Patients who live in the United States of America and meet the income guidelines are eligible to apply for patient assistance programs.

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