Medication delivery

(Last Updated On: March 20, 2023)

The pharmaceutical manufacturer is responsible for your medication delivery. Depending on the pharmaceutical manufacturer that supplies your medication, they will ship your medication in different quantities based on the medication requested. Suppose you receive more than one medication through Prescription Hope’s service. In that case, your medications may get delivered at different times, in different amounts.

Where medications are delivered

The pharmaceutical manufacturer who ships the medication will deliver it to a physical address anywhere in the continental United States. The pharmaceutical manufacturers cannot ship medications to P.O. boxes.

Refrigerated meds

If your medication requires refrigeration, the pharmaceutical manufacturer will use temperature-safe packaging and expedited shipping. This delivery may go to your healthcare provider’s office.

If you have questions about medication orders, please contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the medications delivered?

Medications are delivered directly to your home or healthcare provider’s office from the pharmaceutical manufacturer, depending on the medication type.

Once we process your enrollment form and order the medication, we will let you know where to expect your medication delivery.

Why does the medication have to go to my healthcare provider’s office?

Each medication has specific guidelines from the pharmaceutical manufacturer and government bodies. Some medications are required to get delivered to a healthcare provider’s office.

Can you get my medication expedited/overnighted?

Pharmaceutical manufacturers only offer expedited shipping in some instances. For example, the pharmaceutical manufacturer may expedite shipping for refrigerated medications. However, the first shipment of medication should be the only time your order will take time to process. All refills get placed before you need your medication, so you should never experience a lapse in medication therapy.

How long does it take for medications to be delivered?

Once all requested paperwork is received from you and your healthcare provider, your first order of medication is typically delivered within 2 to 4 weeks, we then continue to manage ongoing refills month after month. After you receive your first shipment, we place all refills ahead of time to prevent a lapse in medication coverage.

How do I find out if my medication got shipped?

You can log into your online account to view each of your medications. If a medication has already shipped, you will see the estimated arrival date associated with that medication.

If you do not receive your medication by the estimated arrival date, please contact us. We will be happy to contact the manufacturer and get a tracking order placed for you.

Emergency and interim shipments

If you are experiencing a delay in shipment, some manufacturers will allow for an emergency shipment of medication. Please contact us if you are experiencing any delays with your medication shipment.

If you are experiencing a medication emergency, you will need to contact your healthcare provider.

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