Medication accuracy

At Prescription Hope, we take medication accuracy very seriously. We have a secure and reliable process to ensure you receive the medication your healthcare provider prescribes in the correct dosage.

Enrollment specialist reviews

Our enrollment specialists are involved in each step of your medication order.

  • Before we order your meds, we will request a prescription from your healthcare provider for each medication you request through Prescription Hope. We will use that prescription to place the order with the pharmaceutical manufacturer, so you will receive the medication that your healthcare provider prescribes.
  • After ordering your meds, we will place refills as needed for each of your medications. If you have a change in strength, dosage, or medication altogether, please update your medication information on your account. From there, we will get in touch with your prescribing healthcare provider to get the update submitted to the pharmaceutical manufacturer for future refills.

If you have concerns about the accuracy of your medication order, please contact us immediately.

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