Can people who only have Medicaid be on this program?

No. Every pharmaceutical manufacturer’s patient assistance program has slightly different guidelines

When, how, and if Medicaid recipients are eligible to enroll in patient assistance programs depends on the type of Medicaid plan the patient has.

We suggest that everyone looking to save money on their medications submit an online enrollment form with Prescription Hope. Remember that we will never charge you if we cannot pre-qualify you for a patient assistance program.

Suppose you are pre-qualified through Prescription Hope but denied access from the pharmaceutical manufacturer. In that case, Prescription Hope will refund any money you have paid.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to apply for Medicaid?

The pharmaceutical manufacturers offer patient assistance programs to individuals who fall below a specific income level.

In some cases, before the pharmaceutical manufacturer will allow you to enroll in patient assistance programs, they will require you to apply for Medicaid and get denied.

Suppose you have applied for Medicaid and got denied. In that case, you will get a letter from Medicaid stating why you got denied.

This denial letter is what the pharmaceutical manufacturer requires to enroll you into their patient assistance program to receive free medication.

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