How To Intensify Vyvanse – What To Take, What To Do, A Guide

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how to intensify Vyvanse

Vyvanse is a medication prescribed for ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder). This is a controlled substance, so doctors usually prescribe small doses. The strength of Vyvanse wears off over time. So, many patients search for ways to intensify Vyvanse throughout the day.

However, increasing the dosage more than the prescribed amount may be considered drug abuse and can result in several side effects and life-threatening risks.

So, this article will give a clear overview of how to intensify Vyvanse and things to avoid in order to make it last longer, as well as other alternative methods that can be used.

But first, here’s a quick list for you, then we’ll take some time to go into greater depth.

How To Intensify Vyvanse? The following are some common methods to intensify Vyvanse,

  • Magnesium or Gingko pills may intensify Vyvanse
  • Include enough protein in your diet
  • Maintain a steady exercise schedule 
  • Avoid vitamin C products, acidic juices, and caffeine 
  • Learn about drug interactions that make Vyvanse less effective

However, these small doses may not be enough for one to carry out the daily list of chores, needs, and wants.

In today’s culture, more and more people are working for more than 8-9 hours, and you need to keep the busy days running along.

First, let’s take a look at how long Vyvanse gives you in a standard dose.

How Long Does Vyvanse Last?

How To Intensify Vyvanse

On average, Vyvanse lasts for about 10-14 hours.

However, most patients report they experience the effects of this medication for only around 8 hours.

So, this means the symptoms of ADHD are only under control within these hours, and they will eventually wear off. This makes it difficult to focus or concentrate for the rest of the day.

Experts and medical professionals say Vyvanse could last up to 8-10 hours and will typically wear off by evening, provided that Vyvanse is often prescribed to be taken in the morning.

It’s also said that several factors interfere with and disturb the functioning of this medication – and its overall strength.

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How To Intensify Vyvanse

So, how do we increase the effectiveness of Vyvanse? Well, there are several methods recommended to intensify Vyvanse.

Even many online searches bring countless ways to increase the duration and strength of how Vyvanse works.

Not all these methods may be useful or provide improvements, so it’s always better to check these measures yourself, and then choose what’s useful for you as an individual.

From us, the following methods and measures are found to be effective and work well among patients to intensify Vyvanse.

Magnesium Or Ginkgo Pills May Intensify Vyvanse

Combining magnesium and ginkgo may help in intensifying Vyvanse.

This method will also help Vyvanse last longer than the average duration (but this should be done only after appropriate consultation with the doctor).

Some recommend that taking Ginkgo pills intensify Vyvanse while making it last longer (This again should be done after appropriate consultations with your doctor).

Intensify Vyvanse

Include Enough Protein In Your Diet

Consuming enough protein in your diet may help in intensifying Vyvanse. This is because proteins can boost the brain chemicals, which Vyvanse is already increasing.

This will thereby improve the focus and concentration of patients.

The protein doesn’t have a direct effect on the medication, but it improves the controlling ability of the medication, intensifying the effects of the meds overall.

Maintain An Exercise Schedule

Exercising has been known to improve the intensifying and long-lasting effects of Vyvanse.

This is because many patients taking ADHD medication like Vyvanse experience depression, which can make the medication less effective, and even the effects of these medications are experienced only for a short period.

It’s this depression that makes patients feel unfocused. Patients may find it challenging to concentrate within a few hours of taking Vyvanse.

So, to eliminate symptoms of depression and to make the effects of the medication last longer, exercise and fitness most certainly help.

Avoid Vitamin C Products, Acidic Juices, And Caffeine

How To Intensify Vyvanse

Vitamin C products, especially grapefruit juice, oranges, and orange juice, should be avoided.

Vitamin C slows down the body’s natural ability to absorb and convert Vyvanse into active amphetamine.

This results in a reduction not only in the duration of which Vyvanse can last but also reduces its overall effects in controlling ADHD symptoms.

Avoiding grapefruit juices and any other acidic juices is encouraged to intensify Vyvanse.

Acidic drinks interfere and interact with Vyvanse reducing its long-lasting features and strength, but they also reduce the rate at which a body can get rid of the medication.

This can be dangerous, especially for a controlled substance like Vyvanse.

Avoid consuming any dairy or coffee-related food or liquid. Caffeine is believed to interfere with the proper functioning of the medication within the system, making Vyvanse less intense.

Drug Interactions That Make Vyvanse Less Effective

Certain patients also consume several psychiatric medications in parallel to Vyvanse.

These medications are mostly taken to control symptoms like depression and anxiety that come with taking ADHD medications.

These medications may interfere and even interact with Vyvanse, reducing the long-lasting effect and overall strength of Vyvanse.

It’s important to note here that the interaction of Vyvanse and any other psychiatric medication is generally considered dangerous, so consult your doctor and adhere to medical advice.

Similar to many drug interactions, any other medications that increase the acidity of one’s blood will make Vyvanse less strong and less intense.

Some examples of such medicines include aspirin, penicillin, and furosemide. It’s recommended to ask your doctor or pharmacist about specific interactions with Vyvanse.

Certain other medications reduce the acidity of the blood.

Such medications include sodium bicarbonate (found in Zegerid), Benadryl, and Metoprolol. Reducing the acidity in the blood will help in intensifying Vyvanse more than the expected results.

Note – When taking any medications along with Vyvanse, it’s recommended
that you get them approved by your doctor or pharmacist.

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Discuss Dosage Options with Your Doctor

Some patients may think that either increasing the dose or taking a second dose will give them the effect they are looking for. We DO NOT recommend this.

Taking a full second dose will be stronger and more intense than necessary and may affect the system and even potentially cause severe addiction over time.

Both of these options will result in adverse side effects that can be deadly in some cases.

If you believe that you need a stronger dose, then consult your doctor. Discuss your symptoms with your physician to determine if this is the right course of action.

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How To Intensify Vyvanse – To Finish

We hope this has given you some practical guidelines to follow to get the most out of your Vyvanse medication. It’s crucial that you adhere to your doctor’s advice when it comes to taking your medication.

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