Novolog Flexpen Price, Coupons, Where To Get It?

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Sometimes it helps to know what some drugs are all about, let alone which ones are better for us, so here we’re looking to provide some accurate information on what Novolog Flexpens are, what they do, how to use them, and how to get them!

Throughout this, of course, we must stress that your doctor should be consulted regarding any change or intentions you have regarding your current medication or your health in general.

What Is Novolog Flexpen? Novolog Flexpen is rapid-acting insulin (Insulin Aspart) that improves blood sugar levels in adults and children with diabetes mellitus. It starts to work at 5-10 minutes after injection, peaks at about one hour after injection and performs up to 2 to 4 hours. This insulin is taken 5-10 minutes before a meal.

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The specialty of Novolog Flexpen is that it works faster after injecting or rapidly as the name says. But this insulin may sometimes need to be used together with a long-acting or intermediate-acting insulin. Also, we should mention this insulin can be used for other purposes that are not listed in the medication guide.

But using this insulin for other purposes will have to be directed by your doctor or pharmacist. Now that we have given some background on Novolog, let’s get into some information that many of you may be looking for regarding this insulin.

How Long Does Novolog Flexpen Last?

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As mentioned, Novolog Flexpen performs for about 2 to 4 hours after injecting. But again, according to different metabolic rates and other systems of different patients, the performance may be less than the stated amount so you should be aware of this. And this is why sometimes Novolog Flexpen is prescribed with other long-acting or intermediate-acting insulin.

While that’s how long the performance lasts, in terms of the durability, unopened Novolog Flexpen can last for 28 days at room temperature (below 86°F / 30°C). Whereas, unopened Novolog Flexpen that has been refrigerated (36°F to 46°F / 2°C to 8°C) can last until the expiration date.

How Many Units Is In A Novolog Flexpen?

A Novolog Flexpen has 100 units per mL and usually comes in 300 units of prefilled insulin Novolog. The Novolog Flexpen can deliver from 1 to 60 units of insulin which are adjustable in one injection.

How Much Is A Novolog Flexpen Without Insurance?

1 Flexpen without insurance cost between $63 to $89, 5 Flexpens without insurance costs about $323 to $396 and 10 Flexpens costs approximately $640 to $792.

How Much Does Novolog Flexpen Cost?

On average the price of one carton of Novolog Flexpens (3 ml) ranges from $317.14 to $327.39. But these may vary depending on the pharmacy or online drug store. Of course, obtaining your prescriptions through Prescription Hope can provide huge savings , so click here to enroll now.

Is There A Substitute For Novolog Flexpen?

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Although there are no specific substitutes for Novolog, the drug Humalog has similar onset action like that of Novolog. Both of these drugs are used to control blood sugar in people with type 1 and 2 diabetes.

Both of these drugs are rapid-acting insulin that starts to work within about 15 minutes. Both these drugs come in the form of solution for injection and their length-of treatment is for the long term.

But these two drugs are not always interchangeable for specific reasons. Humalog is insulin Lispro, whereas Novolog is insulin Aspart. Humalog is also primarily prescribed for adults and older children with type 1 diabetes (it’s prescribed for adults with type two diabetes but not children) whereas Novolog is prescribed to patients 2 years or older with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

Rapid-acting insulin Novolog works about 5-10 minutes after injecting, whereas Humalog takes a full 15 minutes to start working. Most importantly, a person’s ability to alter the dose of this insulin is limited. This is because Novolog can be diluted to produce a low dose but it is not possible to dilute Humalog.

Does Medicare Pay For Novolog Flexpen?

In general, Medicare does not cover (pay for) Novolog Flexpen. This drug may be quite expensive and you may have to consider other alternatives like our Prescription Hope’s medication access service and discount programs to offset the cost.

Is there a PAP For Novolog Flexpen?

The manufacturer of Novolog Flexpen, Novo Nordisk, offers a patient assistance program for those who qualify. The basic eligibility requirements include.

  1. Should be at or below 400% of FPL
  2. The enrollee must be a US citizen or legal resident
  3. Patients who are Medicaid eligible should have applied for it and been denied by Medicaid to be eligible for this program

In addition to the PAP, Novo Nordisk also offers a savings card which would help to pay as little as $25 per 30-day supply for up to 2 years, and a maximum saving up to $100 per 30-day supply when you start NovoLog.

How To Use Novolog Flexpen

Novolog is usually taken in the form of an injection 5-10 minutes before the start of a meal. Or after injecting you should eat a meal within 5-10 minutes. Your healthcare will provide you with clear guidelines on how to inject – based on your body type. It’s usually injected under the skin or as an infusion into a vein.

You can also inject in the stomach except for the two inches around the belly button, and except in the bony area closer to the knees, back of the upper arms (you might have to get help from someone for this place though), top and outside of the buttocks are places that are usually recommended to inject, depending on your body.

The injection is applied to the fatty tissues under the skin and not into the muscle. The injection is never recommended to be injected into the same spot and Novolog shouldn’t be injected into moles or scars.

The Novolog Flexpen will come prefilled with 300 units of Novolog which is ready to use. You might only have to determine the right amount of insulin with the dial and it is easily delivered with a press of a button. The Novolog Flexpen can deliver anywhere between 1 to 60 units of insulin which are adjustable in one-unit increment.

A prefilled Novolog Flexpen can be used for up to 28 days without the need to refrigerate. The Flexpen can also be used with Novo fine needles which are especially known for its ultrafine needles (as small as 5mm) that gives little to no pain when injecting.

When using, if the insulin solution looks cloudy or if you realize it has changed color, do not use it, instead get a new medication. Also, you may have to avoid driving, operating machines or any other related self-chores until you know how exactly this insulin will work. You may also need to avoid drinking alcohol as it can interfere with insulin therapy.

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Novolog Use For Children

Novolog is also approved for use in pumps for children aged 2 years or older with type 1 diabetes and even adults with either type 1 or 2 diabetes.

Novolog Flexpen is the first rapid-acting insulin that is approved for pump use in children. The pump will release a steady dose of Novolog (Aspart) insulin throughout the day and during mealtimes. You can program the pump according to the doctor’s or manufacturer’s instructions.

When Novolog is used in pumps it should not be mixed with other insulins. Also, the infusion set insertion site should be changed at least every 3 days.

Using Novolog Flexpen While Taking Other Medication

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You can certainly take other medication while using Novolog but then it may affect the way Novolog works. Taking Novolog while taking other medications may also negate the effects of Novolog. This can also interrupt the symptoms of hypoglycemia, which will make it hard to figure out low blood sugar. Such medication includes prescription and over-the-counter medication, vitamins, and herbal products.

So, because of using additional medication beside Novolog, your doctor may prescribe different doses and you may also have to closely watch your blood sugar levels. Before using Novolog Flexpen with other medication, make sure you specify them to your healthcare provider beforehand.

Novolog can also be mixed with NPH insulin which is a form of human insulin and even some other types of insulin. But this may not always work for every patient.

So before mixing Novolog with any other insulin, you might have to consult your doctor and get related advice. Your doctor will prescribe the appropriate doses when two insulins are mixed and if it’s recommended for your body type and other diseases you might have.

General Dose Instructions

Firstly, it’s important to mention that patients should strictly follow the dosage prescribed by your doctor.

This is because, as mentioned, the dose will depend on the body type and other health conditions. Novolog (Insulin Aspart) is rapid-acting insulin and because of this glucose-lowering activity will be completed within a short time. So, some patients may need more basal or total insulin than they use for regular insulin which will help patients prevent hyperglycemia when using Novolog.

Along with your dosage, you must monitor your blood and urine. If you encounter any illness, stress, or if you start using any other medication and if you bring changes in your diet or exercise patterns, make sure you talk to your healthcare provider. Especially patients with hepatic and renal impairment are more likely to require frequent dosage adjustment and even more frequent blood glucose monitoring. This is because such patients are at increased risk of hypoglycemia.

Dosage Administration

Dosage Administration for Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus

This may require an administration of 0.2-0.6 unit/kg/day in divided doses. Whereas conservative doses of 0.2-0.4 unit/kg/day are recommended to be administered to reduce risks of hypoglycemia.

Total maintenance daily insulin requirement may vary but it’s usually between 0.5 and 1 unit/kg/day. Whereas non-obese individuals may require 0.4-0.6 unit/kg/day and obese individuals may require 0.6-1.2 units/kg/day.

Dosage Administration for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

This may require an administration of 10 units/day SC (or 0.1-0.2 units/kg/day) in evening. Or this may need an administration of divided 12hr of an intermediate (eg, NPH) or long-acting insulin at bedtime.

What Happens If You Miss A Dose?

As you might know by now, Novolog is prescribed before meals and it’s not always taken on a timed schedule, so it is unlikely that you will miss the dose time. If you miss taking the insulin before meals, you will have to skip the dose and take it before the next meal. Never use extra or double the dose to make up for any missed doses.

What Happens If You Overdose?

If you ever overdose or believe that you may have overdosed, then call the Poison Help line at 1-800-222-1222 or seek immediate medical attention.

Insulin overdose can cause life-threatening hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). Symptoms of low blood sugar include muscle weakness, drowsiness, confusion, numbness or tingling in your mouth, trouble speaking, blurred vision, seizure or loss of consciousness, and clumsy or jerky movements.

In case you overdose or realize you have low blood sugar always keep some fast-acting source of sugar handy like fruit, candy, raisins or even some fruit juice. Your doctor may sometimes prescribe you an emergency glucagon injection kit that will help you treat hypoglycemia. It is also a good idea to make sure your friends and family are aware of how to give you this injection in case of an emergency.

Storage Instructions

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Keep the drug in its original container and away from light or heat. Never freeze the insulin or store it near any cooling element if it’s in use. Insulin that has been stored in a freezer should never be used. The storage methods for storing opened and unopened insulin is different.

Usually, unopened insulin can be refrigerated until the expiration date and it can even be stored at room temperature and used within 28 days. For opened (in-use) insulin, store the vial in the refrigerator or at room temperature and use within 28 days. In-use cartridges or injection pens will have to be stored at room temperature and should be used within 28 days.

Avoid storing injection Novolog Flexpens with the needles attached. If you’re using Novolog through pumps, it should not be kept in the pump for more than 6 days of use and should not be stored in temperatures higher than 98.6°F (37°C).

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And Finally…

If you have any questions about how Prescription Hope can help you save money on Novolog, Gabapentin or any other drugs that we offer , then visit our website here. If you’re having trouble affording any of the medications you’ve been prescribed, contact us, or visit the enrollment page to create an account and fill out an application to start saving.