About Prescription Hope

Our Story

Prescription Hope was built to make medication affordable.

Douglas Pierce operated a health insurance brokerage in 1996. Sadly, even though the health coverage was good, there was still a critical piece missing. Clients and brokers would always ask about prescription medication coverage. People were having to split pills, skip doses, and even avoid paying for groceries so they could keep up with the cost of their medication, even with insurance coverage.

We started with family…

With his mind stuck on how to lower medication cost, Doug’s own mother had been prescribed a medication that would bankrupt his parents and he had no choice but to find a way to save individuals money on their prescription medication. After much research and pulling from every resource he could, Doug tried one last attempt at cost savings for medication; Patient Assistance Programs (PAPs) provided by the pharmaceutical manufacturers. With high hopes to get his mothers medication he quickly got overwhelmed with the ongoing process of managing the medications provided by the patient assistance programs. That is why Prescription Hope was started, to streamline the process for individuals who would qualify for patient assistance programs, and remove the burden of managing the difficult processes involved.

… and now can provide medication for one set service fee.

From the beginning, Prescription Hope’s mission has been to provide unmatched prescription medication savings. We believe that managing individuals’ patient assistance programs on their behalf allows them to live more free and fulfilling lives.

Facts and Figures


Prescription Hope is a service that manages patient assistance programs for individuals who qualify to get their medication year-round for one set service fee of $50 a month for each medication.


Prescription Hope operates nationwide, headquartered in Stuart, Florida with a processing center in Columbus, Ohio.


Prescription Hope serves individuals, who meet the specific guidelines of each pharmaceutical manufacturer, to receive their brand-name medication. Prescription Hope uses a proprietary software, created in-house, to manage each individual’s medication, coordinate refills, and renewals, and make sure there is never a lapse in medication therapy. Upon joining Prescription Hope, individuals can access their dashboard, where they can manage their medications, healthcare providers, and payment information at any time. All while being secured by 256-bit encryption to ensure all your personal information is kept safe.


Prescription Hope is available nationwide, serving all areas of the United States, including Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

Prescription Hope is available to all individuals who qualify based on pharmaceutical manufacturer Patient Assistance Program (PAP) guidelines. Prescription Hope can help those who are insured, underinsured and uninsured, those with a Medicare Plan and can work with most Medicare Part D Plans.

Founders Bio

Douglas Pierce, Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Douglas Pierce

Douglas Pierce founded Prescription Hope, Inc., by building partnerships with local and national organizations to help the company reach patients all across the country. His leadership will always be guided by his values in Faith and to continue multiplying and sharing God’s blessing, not only for its patients and team members but also to those in need. Prescription Hope is proud to work with the Children’s Impact Network to build schools and housing for families and children in need in Honduras, as well as digging deep bore water wells in Murundu, Africa, providing clean water to thousands of children and families. It is our belief this is the reason our company has grown into one of the largest patient assistance program administrators in the U.S., helping thousands of patients each year to get their prescription medications at a more affordable cost.