Martha is a senior citizen who has been disabled for a number of years due to a back injury that occurred while in her 50’s.  The medication she was in need of was not covered on her Medicare plan and she was struggling to pay the $500 each month to afford it.  “Being on a fixed income made it very difficult to survive knowing that I was paying so much for my medication on top of everything else.”

Martha had tried several different discount card programs to get her medication, but they barely cut a fraction of the cost. Martha’s son, David, decided to do some research to see if there was any way for his mother to save on this expensive drug. David began his search online, browsing hundreds of sites that offered free or reduced cost medications; but they all had “strings attached” and “the products didn’t make sense.” Then David found Prescription Hope. “I was skeptical to begin with because this was an online program that looked like all the others we went to.”

Prescription Hope was the perfect fit for Martha’s scenario because we offered her a streamlined enrollment process. Martha’s patient advocate, James, was always available to work with her and was prepared to take calls to answer any questions she had and completed all the necessary research and paperwork to help her. Because of Martha’s back pain, she was left immobile, Prescription Hope was the right choice because her medication was delivered right to her door. Martha was no longer dependent on others or had to travel to get her medication. Because of our streamlined processes and full staff, Martha’s medications are delivered on time, every time, without any worries or hold ups.

During the process, our patient advocates communicated directly with Martha’s healthcare provider to obtain all of the medication information needed. From here James spoke with one of Martha’s nurses and explained that “we were here to help the patient to obtain her medication for a very low cost and in order to do so, we just needed the healthcare provider to complete a few forms and send them back to us.” After explaining the program to the nurse completely, it was only a matter of a few days that we received the information requested and we continued the process for Martha from there.

Ultimately, Martha was having a very hard time obtaining her medication due to the high monthly cost of her prescription. Because of the services Prescription Hope offered to her, she is able to save over $450 each month. Not only was she able to keep up with her quality of life, but she also had additional income to allocate toward other monthly needs.

“Thanks so much for all your help. You really did give me the gift of Hope. It is wonderful what your organization is doing. It is so devastating being on a fixed income and you need your medicine to live. You don’t know where to turn and your organization gave me “HOPE!”.” – Martha


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