Denzil is a 19 year old factory worker who recently graduated High-School and was ready to get out in the world to work hard and make something of himself.  Denzil suffers from seizures and has for many years and takes a very expensive medication at $950 per month.  Because he was always covered on his parents’ insurance, it was never a big deal.

Once Denzil was out on his own and had no insurance, he was using all of his earnings to pay for his medication and just wasn’t making it. He had lost all hope and was ready to give up with nowhere to turn. When his parents’ insurance agent had told them about Prescription Hope, Denzil immediately began to research the possibility.

Denzil, defeated yet excited, decided to give Prescription Hope a try. He called in and spoke with Samantha, one of Prescription Hope’s enrollment counselors. Samantha walked Denzil through the enrollment process over the phone; asking questions and completing the form over the phone with him. Two days later, Denzil received his welcome letter from Prescription Hope stating the good news that he was going to receive what he needed most, Hope.

Within a couple of weeks, Denzil received his first shipment of medication and was able to move out of his parents’ house, get his own apartment and start contributing to society as he always dreamed of doing

“I just wanted to say Thank You! Without HOPE I would not be able to get my medication and who knows what would have happened without it.” – Denzil



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