Julia's Story
Meet Julia:
Age 29

Julia is a 29 year old single mother who works nights as a custodian and as a server during the day and found it hard to provide for her 2 children because they all have a condition which caused the need for each of them to be on several medications to control the disease.

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“Without Prescription Hope, I would be afraid to see how the future of myself and my two children would be.”

Martha's Story
Meet Martha:
Age 71

Martha is a senior citizen who has been disabled for a number of years due to a back injury that occurred while in her 50’s. The medication she was in need of was not covered on her Medicare plan and she was struggling to pay the $500 each month to afford it.

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“Thanks so much for all your help. You really did give me the gift of Hope. It is wonderful what your organization is doing.”

Denzil's Story
Meet Denzil:
Age 19

Once Denzil was out on his own and had no insurance, he was using all of his earnings to pay for his medication and just wasn’t making it.  He had lost all hope and was ready to give up with nowhere to turn.

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“I just wanted to say Thank You! Without HOPE I would not be able to get my medication and who knows what would have happened without it.”

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