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Posted September 07, 2023 by Michael Chamberlain

Basaglar Kwikpen vs Tempo Pen: Differences, and Uses

Basaglar Kwikpen vs Tempo Pen is an important comparison that individuals with diabetes need to understand when deciding on their insulin delivery method. In this article, we'll list and describe all the differences between Basaglar… ... Read More
Posted September 07, 2023 by Michael Chamberlain

Alternatives to Basaglar, Differences, Pros, and Cons

Looking for alternatives to Basaglar? That's the question we're answering in this article. We're going through a number of potential alternatives depending on what suits your needs. We've listed them below and have described their… ... Read More
Posted September 05, 2023 by Michael Chamberlain

Changing From Lantus to Basaglar: Here’s the Process

Changing any medication is always a concern. Changing from Lantus to Basaglar can be one of those concerns. What a patient needs to consider before changing, the process of changing, and what to expect afterward.… ... Read More